Bonded Stream is your go-to for all things information technology management. We specialize in business-to-business (B2B) managed IT services. Our specialists are professional, friendly, and experts in their field. When working with Bonded Stream, you can rest assured that we’re bringing you the best tech solutions for your business, based on the direction you are heading.


We are your full-service, outsourced IT department. We offer 24/7 support and monitoring to deal with issues that come up, so you don’t have to.


By implementing the state-of-the-art NIST Cybersecurity Framework for your company, you will have the peace of mind that cybersecurity threats are a thing of the past.


Why manage the cloud when Bonded Stream can manage it for you? We’ll introduce your business to the latest in cloud technology, productivity, cybersecurity, and scalability in ways you never thought possible.


Bonded Stream is here to help your business operate more efficiently by recommending the best possible IT solutions for your unique setup. We will plan, budget, and leverage technology in ways that’ll change the way you do business forever.

Partnered with the best in the industry


Bonded Stream has curated a team from across the IT-sphere to support you and your business. Our team educates itself constantly, learning the ins and outs of everything technology to ensure they’re offering the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our managed IT services provide unlimited support for a reliable flat rate. Our clients know they can count on Bonded Stream to bring our best no matter how big or small the problem might be.

When working with Bonded Stream, we take the time to understand your industry and your business and its future direction. We focus on providing solutions, that move your business closer toward its goals, as fast as you want to. You can rely on Bonded Stream for your IT needs.


Cybersecurity has never been more critical. Daily, you hear stories on the news about this being hacked or a data breach at a company you’d expect better from. Bonded Stream wants to prevent these things from happening to you.

We follow recommendations from the best: the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). So, whether you need to meet specific compliance standards, like HIPAA, HITRUST, or CMMC, or need the peace of mind you’re doing everything you can to protect your IT systems, Bonded Stream has you covered.


If you have one person in your office trying to manage the cloud and do the rest of their job, chances are they aren’t doing it the way your business needs it done. Bonded Stream offers cloud solutions to supercharge your team’s mobility and eliminate the hassles and risks of the “one-man” solution.

We offer custom cloud solutions from Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. In addition, we can help migrate your service infrastructure from point A to point B or set up cloud services for your business. Bonded Stream can do it all when it comes to the cloud.


Bonded Stream’s specialty is in the nitty-gritty details companies don’t know they should be paying attention with their technology setup. We offer IT consulting that helps upgrade your business to where it should be. We can assess security situations, audit technology stacks, or help upgrade your hardware or software.

Bonded Stream is equipped to provide you with the best possible IT setup by understanding your company’s needs and recommending how to leverage technology successfully. You will never worry about IT projects again when working with us.