Enterprise IT


Many companies are not in the position to employ an entire IT support team, but understand that their organisation cannot afford to go without these essential services.

We can offer an extensive range of IT services to assist you in getting the maximum value from their Information Technology investment and managing that investment without the overhead of a fulltime staff member.

Depending upon your requirements we can provide the following services;

  • Remote and onsite support.

  • Fixed price monthly support agreements to reduce cost and fix budgets.

  • Tailored support solutions to meet your needs and budget.

  • Managed services to monitor key functions such as backups and security.

  • Advice and the supply of any I.T. equipment and licensing.

  • We can assist in safeguarding your business information from unlawful access, theft or damage via both hardware and software based solutions.

  • Audits and reviews to identify and mitigate business risks.

  • Design and implementation of cloud based solutions.

  • Integration between on premise solutions and cloud infrastructure.

  • We can source a wide range of internet solutions such a NBN, fibre and dedicated site links.

  • Remote access solutions for mobile staff and branch offices to securely access your information anywhere.

  • Assist in connecting and integrating your site offices to form a fully routed network between all sites.

  • We can also help you with internet based phone systems to reduce costs and enhance functionality

Some of our Large customers include Multi state campus registered training organisation, Manufacturing & Engineering, Architects and Importers